IGN Marvel's Agents of SHIELD: "Shadows" Review

The pressure is on for Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. While the show got increasingly better last season, it still had a lot of people disappointed that it was "just" amusing and diverting, when we all wanted it to be awesome, can't-miss TV. And with a ton of comic book TV shows debuting this season, it's not enough to be decent if you want to cement a place on the DVR.

SHIELD clearly improved as the season progressed, particularly when the big Hydra reveal occurred, giving more urgency and stakes to the story in the final episodes of the season. But still, as Season 1 ended and Nick Fury told Coulson to build SHIELD back up, the question of what this show would be going forward was a big one.

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alycakes2501d ago

Wow! It was an exciting start to the season. Not just dramatic and a lot of action but it was also a lot of new faces and some heartfelt moments. I was shocked and my heart just sunk when I found out that Simmons wasn't really there and she was just in Fritz's mind. It was just so sad to find out how bad he was after what happened to him in the finale. The premiere was awesome though and they're started with a bang.