Our 5 Most Awaited Film Releases of October

Though the summer blockbuster season may be over, there are still a helluva lotta exciting releases to look forward to… Whether you’re a fan of action, suspense, comedy or drama the month of October promises to be an exciting one. Below is a list of our five most-awaited film releases for the coming month:

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warrior822505d ago

awesome list....The Judge, Fury and Dracula Untold look great. lets hope they live to the hype.

saadd202505d ago

All five look excellent..I am a Nic Cage fan since his 90s action films, so I hope he returns to form..he is such a talented action star and he needs to be back in the Con Air type of films..suits him well. Face-Off was too good.

beeefy2504d ago

I'm most excited for Dracula Untold, but Gone Girl has been gaining a lot of attention in the media recently so I guess that's something else to look forward to.

alycakes2504d ago

I think that The Judge and Gone Girl have a good chance of getting awards. I know for sure I want to see those and also the rest on the list but as for first on my list it would be those two.