TVEnthusiast: Gotham Impressions

Last night marked the debut of the first live action Batman series since the campy 1966 version that starred Adam West. Gotham, follows the events in the infamous city that lead to the origins of the iconic caped crusader. As it is a major moment in television, we will now present our impressions of the first episode of Fox’s Gotham.

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WizzroSupreme2263d ago

A far cry from Adam West's Light Knight indeed. Like where it could go though. Funny enough that I, as I guessed, wouldn't like Gordon at all.

It's a shame given A) he's the main character and B) going to have to be the one to lead the police through Gotham's darkest hours with none of the charisma or heart to do it.

By this point, Riddler and Penguin are looking the most interesting, but they're going to provide a challenge if the Joker's going to fill the void between their personalities of insanity bridged with a sadistic glee on the Penguin's part.

RetrospectRealm2263d ago

What's up with all these "Impressions"? Is it just me or does 'Review' ring clickbait more than 'Impressions'?

themightyme2261d ago

TVEnthusiast doesn't do episode reviews, they review by the season. Impressions are posted only for significant episodes, and are often represented by multiple opinions.

RetrospectRealm2261d ago

Well, what's the difference between an 'Impressions' article and a episode review article? Seems the same to me.

themightyme2260d ago

It is like asking what is the difference between jeans and slacks, or a t-shirt and a dress shirt... 1 is formal, the other is not. Reviews also have a sense of finality to them, where impressions are more flexible.