IGN Sleepy Hollow: "This is War" Review

To tell the truth, Sleepy Hollow has had me for a while now, with a wonderful first season that stood out as one of television’s best surprises of 2013. The tone was set from the pilot as Nicole Beharie and Tom Mison displayed instant chemistry that only got stronger as the year went on, while the writing remained fresh and clever throughout. Season two looks like they’re ready to build on that as “This is War” kicks things off in grand style.

Acting as the conclusion to last season’s cliffhanger-filled finale episode “Bad Blood,” the premiere spends the first 15 minutes intentionally disorienting Abbie and Ichabod before the illusion that they’ve got things under control is shattered. It’s a very clever gimmick, reminding us of the bond they’ve built up while hitting the ground of this second season at a sprint.

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alycakes2502d ago

Awesome show and it really bugs me how they always put good shows against each other on Monday night.