Sleepy Hollow 2.01 Review: “This Is War” | TVOM

TVOM: "Welcome back to Sleepy Hollow, the most pleasant surprise of the 2013-14 network season. If “This Is War,” the second season premiere, had an alternate title, it would certainly be “Who Needs First and Second Acts?” Unlike traditional scriptwriting–which features three acts that leave most of the action for the third and final one–the composition of this premiere allows almost no breathing room for its audience. This is less bothersome than it is impressive, and impressive is exactly the kind of thing that Sleepy Hollow could use to kick off a season of bland new network dramas. I would normally feel dumb for not being quite sure if what I’m watching is a dream sequence (or alternate reality or vision or whatever other term you want to use), but Sleepy Hollow is often hollow (!) entertainment in the sense that it doesn’t ask you for complete attention in order to have a good time. So, having been trained to half-pay attention to the intricacies of the plot, the first few minutes of “This Is War” genuinely had me fooled (or at least uncertain). Again: impressive."

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