16 Movies of 2015 That We are Most Excited For

EasyGuidez: We look forward the year 2015 is looking good for some major movie franchises that will hit the big screen. Some of the titles below look really promising.

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Physco2500d ago

I am Most Excited for Mission: Impossible V

Roshanish2499d ago

After a Huge Success of Game Now a movie Assassin Creed

UltraNova2499d ago

It will blow like all game to movie films...they were always cash grabs not fan service in the slightest.

WizzroSupreme2499d ago

I trust J.K. and Joss, so I'll say Fantastic Beasts and Avengers. And maybe, MAYBE Star Wars if they start showing me the goods.

And Wasn't Assassin's Creed delayed or unconfirmed for '15?

Plagasx2499d ago

Avengers 2 and Jurassic World is all I care about. I would say Star Wars as well but it might as well be a 2016 because it's releasing in December..

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