Top 8 Strongest Comic Characters Ever

Movies based on comic book characters are extremely popular now a days. There are infinite comic book characters, good or bad but only some of them are popular. Today, we are counting down our list of top 8 strongest comic characters. For this list, we’re focusing on the pure brute strength, physical power and awesome abilities of our favorite comic book characters, and not on their cunning, wealth or other advantages. However, if they have cool weapons or tools that offer them physical advantages, well more power to them.

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waleed1252424d ago

superman isnt strange he is super!

robert2424d ago

HULK no question about it.

Alxe2424d ago

HULK... HuLK and HuLk

UltraNova2423d ago

Not that bad..

With the exception of Galactus which he actually is the toughest, meanest strongest mothaf* of all! What other entries would you consider as second and third?

zeal0us2423d ago

The list in the link is pretty generic. Almost like those "Best Anime" list(s) that goes to list Naruto, Bleach, One Piece and Dragon Ball Z as their top four.

A better list would be(not in any particular order btw) .....
-Superman Prime (not to be confuse with superboy prime)
-The Living Tribunal
-The Source
-Elaine Belloc
-The Presence

cell9892423d ago

The Presence
The One Above All
The Fulcrum
Arishem or Exitar The Celestials
The Spectre
The Living Tribunal
Franklin Richards
The Beyonder

Some Of these are powerful than Galactus

Crappy List

hammad4122424d ago

Hulk Hulk ...he is op shit

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The story is too old to be commented.