Bryan Singer Set To Helm ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’


Fox has just closed a deal with Bryan Singer to direct X-Men: Apocalypse, the next installment of its billion-dollar Marvel mutants franchise. This will be Singer’s fourth installment as director; he hatched the franchise with the first two films for Fox, and came back to direct this year’s X-Men: Days Of Future Past. That latter film, which meshed the original trilogy cast with the one from X-Men: First Class, grossed $746 million worldwide, the most of any of the films. Singer’s participation in the new film had been rumored, but his deal is now done.

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Porcelain_Chicken2502d ago

Surprise!!! For a second there I thought they were going with Brett Ratner again. Lol jk.

Crazay2502d ago

You're a trip man. lol

WizzroSupreme2501d ago

Good deal, Fox. Singer's gonna be repenting of his sins with Valkyrie for the rest of his career. And X-Men sure needs him. Days of Future Past proved that.

I'm only unsure about how he's going to (inevitably) pass the torch from the original to the next generation. Huge Jackman ain't gonna be pump'in iron 'til he's 70. Or maybe he is. Yeah!