7 Actresses Who Could Play Supergirl

We don't know much about the upcoming CBS Supergirl TV series from Arrow and Flash's Greg Berlanti other than we think that it's an awesome idea and we fully support it.

A few questions arise, naturally. Tonally, will Supergirl match Arrow and The Flash, despite being on a different (though corporately connected) network? Also, with Berlanti behind it, could Supergirl share an actual DC TV-verse with the CW shows in a way that FOX's Gotham (which is also restrained by being a prequel) and NBC's Constantine can't? And the logline mentions Kara Zor-El's "famous cousin," so it seems clear that Superman exists within the world of this show - but how much of a force/factor will he be if he's never shown on-screen?

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-Foxtrot2503d ago

I wouldn't mind Emily Rose played her...I think she might be able to pull it off

Porcelain_Chicken2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

😍 Yes please. Some of these picks are actually alright. Except for Laura Vandervoort since this probably won't be connected to Smallville. And Yvonne Strahovski seems wrong too i don't know why. My friend wants Nikola Peltz for Supergirl. I've never seen anything she's been in so I can't say if she's a good actress or not but she looks the part.

UltraNova2503d ago

Lyndsy Fonseca in blonde please...

alycakes2502d ago

Out of all these I think Leven Rambin would be really good. I remember her from Terminator: Sarah Connor on tv.