15 Most Funniest Movie Scenes Ever, Can’t Stop Laughing

EasyGuidez: Here is the collection of 15 funniest movie scenes. Have a look below, Enjoy!

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Physco2503d ago

Hahahahahah Silver Linings Playbook – Reading Book Scene
OMG a great comedy Scene

Roshanish2503d ago

umm ooh what he is eating in American Wedding
i am going to Vomit

rocking-dude2503d ago

ooo F**k really a vomiting Comedy

lovingbird2503d ago

No one can Beat The Dictator
Awesome movie

ProjectVulcan2502d ago

I thought the movie was weak overall, but that scene is amusing for the simple reason it highlights the paranoia of average american joe for anything that seems remotely foreign or arabic.

It is reinforced by the fact that they are actually speaking a mix of hebrew and expressing themselves perfectly innocently.

I think you can take it as a comedy but also as a warning not to jump to conclusions.

cell9892501d ago

terrible crude comedy there are a million better comedies out there

rocksking2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

All n All it is a Good One
All scenes are Funny