Bronson Review: There is No Escape -- Checkpoint Games

“Charles Bronson is Britain’s most famous prisoner. He has spent 34 years in jail, 30 of them in solitary confinement. He has not yet been granted a release date.” This is the closing text from Nicolas Winding Refn’s 2008 film Bronson, which is a biopic about the titular character. Charles Bronson, as a character is about as brash and bold as somebody can get. The 92 minute film portrays the series of events in Bronson with the typical directorial panache that Refn would go on to later use in 2012’s phenomenal Drive. Because of the stellar directing, exquisite acting from Tom Hardy as Bronson, as well as the soundtrack, Bronson is a film that pushes the boundary of not only who can be a protagonist, but also to what lengths can an audience be pushed to be made uncomfortable.

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