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Roger Moore Visits Star Wars Episode 7 Set, Confirms Ice Planet


While it’s no secret to film aficionados that Pinewood Studios has been the home for James Bond movies (just ask Daniel Craig) longer than it has been for Star Wars (which will serve as a key set location for Episode VII, Episode VIII, and the first spin-off, with the possibility of more movies being developed there later), a lot of people have been getting confused with the apparent influx of actors headed there as of late. However, a user from our own message board who calls himself vinsanity informed us of a recent BBC radio broadcast with previous 007 actor Roger Moore regarding the movie.

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Crazay2505d ago

Hoth and Dagobah are 2 places I always wanted to see more of. It sure would be nice to get at least one of those 2 again

RetrospectRealm2505d ago

If we go back to Dagobah, I hope to god we don't see anymore of the Dark Side Cave. I mean, like how it works or the backstory or some BS like that. If we see something like we did in ESB, then I'm alright with that.

Crazay2505d ago

My Kingdom for a visit to the Order of the Sith Lords.