Why Fox Should Be Worried About This Fall’s TV Season

TVOM: "If you had asked me a couple of years ago what the best network on television was, for both quality and popularity, the answer would have been easy: Fox. Even back in 2012, when it was beginning to show some signs of vulnerability, Fox was still pulling in high enough numbers for American Idol, had strong returning favorites like Glee and Bones, and had finished airing the very popular and successful first season of New Girl. Now, though, is a different time, and with poor ratings across the board and no true “hit shows,” aside from perhaps one drama and comedy, Fox should really start to worry about this coming fall’s TV season."

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ironfist922501d ago

I love sleepy hollow, cant wait for season 2.

As much as I love anything DC, I must say I honestly doubt Gotham has many seasons under its belt. I hope its wrong, but I just dont see how it can retain interest for too long.

Still pissed at Fox for cancelling Almost Human, among others like Terra Nova.

SouthClaw2501d ago

Fox and NBC are the worst for not giving new shows a chance to perform. That is why Fox is so weak. Their own fault.