Should The X-Men Franchise Be Rebooted After X-Men Apocalypse?

Looking at why after X-Men Apocalypse is released in 2016 the franchise should be rebooted.

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-Foxtrot2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

I think they should have one more film with just the original actors in it. Even have people like Rebecca Romijn back as Mystique.


I mean they brought Cyclops and Jean back so you may aswell do a film with all of them in to give them a proper send off. Better yet maybe we could get one more trilogy dealing with the Phoenix saga, do it right this time. I mean if Wolverine knows what happened last time the last thing he'll want is to have to kill Jean again, he'll find another way and hopefully in the end she'll turn into the White Phoenix

04roacht2154d ago

I have my fingers crossed that that will happen. I mean why bother brining them back? Yeah it was a wink at the audience but we should get to see more of them. It appears to be what fans want so why not.

cell9892153d ago

After days of future past, it was a reboot and it has potential for at least 2 more films after apocalypse

maniacmayhem2153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

Yea, this is what I gathered too. It was actually a very, VERY smart type of re-boot or do over.

They brought back all of the characters that were killed in the 3rd X-Men, they still established Magneto as a bad guy and they now have a whole open slate of stories to tell again.

Very creative writing for that movie.

It'll be interesting if they try(or how)they would bring back the younger versions of Professor X and Magneto for the future movies.

RetrospectRealm2154d ago

You realize the series was rebooted with Days Of Future Past... Lol

04roacht2154d ago

Yes and no. We were supposed to believe that everything that happened between First Class and just before Days of Future Past happened and was part of the original timeline. And a reboot would surely cast different actors. Yes we got the younger actors but they are younger actors playing the same roles. They are changing the timeline from Days of Future Past to the present but we still know the characters and it looks like a lot of them would be played be the same actors. Even Bryan Singer describes this as an Inbewtwequel not a reboot

NCAzrael2153d ago

Eh, I'd call it a reset, not a reboot. A reboot would have entailed a new cast, new telling of the origins, etc. DoFP just took a cue from the comics and fixed the messed up storylines.

Deadpoolio2153d ago

Except why? Why the hell do we need to take it that far....We don't need origins again or how they became a team, just get new actors and carry on....Same with all super hero movies, I don't need to see 50 times how Batman became Batman, or Spiderman or Superman...Just carry on and tell stories, we don't need reboots or resets

NCAzrael2151d ago

I'm not saying it was a reboot, or should be rebooted. Personally I don't think they should reboot the X-Men films for a long time yet. A reboot with a complete retelling every 20 years I'm ok with (longer in the case for the X-films since the last movie fixed a lot of stuff and gives the franchise more potential). They just need to work on contracts better to keep actors involved, and work on the pacing of films so people don't get burnt out on them.

SpeedDemon2154d ago

Wouldn't mind seeing a live action X-men TV series, as long as it's done with the same quality of the films.

aDDicteD2153d ago

i agree a live action x men tv series is a good idea it will surely be competetive with arrow and the flash and a lot better than agents of shield.

WizzroSupreme2154d ago

A movie after something called X-Men 'Apocalyspe' certainly makes sense, but I just don't wanna let the old cast go, especially after getting them all back so soon.

I conçur with anyone craving an X-Men TV series, that'd capture the movies' serialization perfectly if they could A) afford it, and B) get the right (or new) cast members.

Fox'll always continue its universe, I think, but they can always introduce new characters connected to the old ones in some way offscreen.

aDDicteD2153d ago

they should reboot it, they had the chance then they tied up again with the old franchise that consisted of 3 good films (x men, x2, the wolverine) and 2 aweful films (x3, x men origins). x3 is so messed up that the whole franchise is dirty to me.

i hope x men apocalypse continues with fassbender, mcavoy and crew and not bring back kelsey grammer, halle berry and company because most of the actors who played in the original franchise were wrong picks, only hugh jackman, patrick stewart and ian mckellen were good.

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