Meet The Movie Press Episode #8 – Deadpool, Fantastic Four + Hot Scoop: Batman V Superman

SchmoesKnow: Today, Reilly and Jeff man the show together as one, breaking down the latest news that broke this week. And what a week! We went in depth on the DEADPOOL announcement and what that might mean for a PG-13 vs R rating and whether or not Ryan Reynolds will return! Also on the superheros list, why did Fox movie FANTASTIC FOUR to August and will we ever see an ASSASSIN’S CREED movie? Plus, an extra added HOT SCOOP about BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE! So rate, comment and subscribe to #MeetTheMoviePress! This is a good one… Enjoy!

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Soldierone2504d ago

I don't think people need to freak out about Deadpool being PG 13. Beeping out words will make it hilarious, especially by breaking the 4th wall like he does in comics. That and PG 13 isn't restricting violence. He can go cut up a bunch of people as long as blood doesn't splatter "too much" it's fine.

Fact of the matter is that a good percentage of Deadpool fans are not old enough for an R rated movie and sales would be terrible.