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Idris Elba Reveals Why He Won't Be Playing Luke Cage In The Netflix Series

CBM: Idris Elba already plays Heimdall in the THOR movies, but he's made no secret about wanting to take on a leading role elsewhere in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Well, despite a lot of speculation, it clearly won't be as Luke Cage because the actor reveals that someone else has already been chosen...

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04roacht2501d ago

Frankly I think Elba was wasted on Heimdall. Not that he is bad but Elba is a great actor, a great lead at that. He should have played Black Panther or Luke Cage instead of Heimdall.

Porcelain_Chicken2501d ago

My thoughts exactly. :/ Marvel's one big eff up. Would have loved to have had Idris play Black Panther.

aDDicteD2500d ago

indeed, he could play black panther or luke cage, he is good enough to carry a single film, given that he has some good supporting actors beside him and with of course a great plot.