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Did Aquaman Save Superman in Man of Steel?


Hey Schmoeville!

So today, I bring to you something pretty cool. We’ve known for a while that Jason Momoa will be popping up in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but we don’t really know in what context yet. There were some rumors that he is angry at Supes in the film because of the destruction caused to the Indian Ocean from the World Engine in Man of Steel, but that isn’t even really confirmed.

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WizzroSupreme1850d ago

I hope so. Either he did or Flipper did from the make of that pic.

Lord_Sloth1850d ago

I don't really think anybody saved him here. He doesn't need to breath and nothing there could harm him.

ironfist921850d ago

Actually, when you put it that way, youre right.

Superman doesnt need saving, if I recall he was just finding peace in the waters, realistically though he couldve easily swam up and to a beach with no sweat.

Although Aquaman probably didnt know that, but who knows.

Crazay1850d ago

Supes wouldn't have needed saving, but, Aquaman may not have known anything about this man who fell into the ocean near a burning oil rig. Hell, for all we know Aquaman is the reason the rig was on fire.

blacktiger1850d ago

He needs to breath. It just he can breath 1000 times longer than humans. So yes he needs to breath at some point. I think. I could be wrong.

1849d ago
markte1850d ago

THIS rumor again?? And when was it CONFIRMED Momoa is playing Aquaman?

If he IS playing Aquaman, then it's another one of those questionable casting choices that I am willing to give a chance.

RetrospectRealm1850d ago

He acts sketchy as hell when asked about the role. So yeah, he's basically confirmed.

markte1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

How is that any form of confirmation?

It's more good PR than anything else.

acemonkey1850d ago

Superman lands into an ocean and people think its rumor whales are around him because of Aquaman. This was just to show that he has no limit (under water) and i believe he was sinking just to sink (for the back story of the bus)

iNFAMOUZ11850d ago

lol superman dont need no one to save his life

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