James Schamus on What the Ang Lee Hulk Sequel Would Have Been and Why He Never Wrote It

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James Schamus was infamously a co-screenwriter of Ang Lee‘s Hulk and famously a screenwriter on many of the director’s other films, the sometime CEO of Focus Features and founder of Good Machine. He last night appeared at BAFTA and spoke a little about his career, but the one thing that leapt out at our friend Joe Cunningham was Schamus’ commentary on the Hulk sequel that never was.

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RetrospectRealm1731d ago

Q. "Why didn't Mr. Lee write the sequel, Mr. Schamus?"

A. "Why else? Cause the first one sucked"

WizzroSupreme1731d ago

Ugh, there's little redeemable from anything that Ang wrote without scrapping most of it.