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Watch: 2 Clips From Buzzed Fall Film Fest Thriller '71'

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Are early Oscar prognosticators usually talking out of their asses? Yes and no. It’s certainly far too early, and admittedly somewhat amusing, to be predicting a film's chances without having seen one strip of celluloid. But sometimes you can safely make educated guesses (you can see how well we’ve done so far with our Premature Oscar Predictions here and even peruse previous years where we’ve been fairly on the mark). So if you like to laugh at early predictions that ended up wildly wrong, one can’t blame you, but trust us when we say English actor Jack O’Connell is the real fucking deal. He's blown us away twice in 2014, once via the prison drama “Starred Up” (read our review here), and again with “‘71,” a thriller set during the Irish Troubles of the 1970s. We saw the film in Berlin earlier this year, it made waves once again at Telluride and Toronto, and will be shown at the upcoming New York Film Festival. Most major film festivals would rather not show movies th...

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