Roberto Orci To Start Shooting Next Star Trek Movie Feb 2015 – Targeting Summer 2016 Release

Trek Movie

Things are heating up with the next Star Trek movie (also referred to by the entertainment media as "Star Trek 3" for being the third movie produced by JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot and to be set in the rebooted Trek universe). TrekMovie has an exclusive update on the status of the next Trek feature along with some (very minor) spoilers about the plot. Get the details below .

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WizzroSupreme2503d ago

It'll be interesting to see if Orci or Kurtzman is the one that survives on his own. That dynamic duo's ruined more of my favorite franchises than George Lucas, and that's say'in something.

Don't see much ceremony in ending the reboot universe with a third one, Into Darkness sucked but concluded it well enough conceptually. Unless they're going to reboot TNG, in which case I say no.