Is A Venom Movie Without Spider-Man Pointless?

A look at why the upcoming Venom movie may be pointless without the character of Spider-Man as the character's origin heavily relies on being involved with Spider-Man

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Porcelain_Chicken2510d ago

Yeah i think so. As the article mentioned, "The key to Venom is his dual hatred for Spider-Man".

The two reasons for Venom failing in Spider-man 3 were,

A). Eddie seemed more like a person that Emo Peter bullied than a villain. I felt bad for Eddie at times. And that's not good. Peter got him fired (for good reason sure), and stole his girlfriend just to use her, i don't blame the guy for flipping out. The way they treated Harry throughout Raimi's Spider-man franchise. That is how Eddie should be treated, he should be built-up. Show the way J.J pits them against each other. All culminating to the moment where Eddie becomes Venom. But it shouldn't feel like it was Peter who pushed him over the edge.

B). Explain the "goo". As the article already explained. They have alot of ground to cover there.

Wanna talk about pointless movies? Let's talk about the Sinister Six. A group consisting of "anti-heroes". GTFO!!

WizzroSupreme2509d ago

While I'd argue that a Carnage film would be too shallow in and of itself without any creative liberties, a Venom movie would always revolve around the symbiote's original host: which is Spider-man.

And why is Venom interested in saving anyone? It's only interested in surviving, which would involve eating people for two hours.

SilentNegotiator2508d ago

That would be like doing a film on Joker without Batman.