Deadpool Movie is Coming in 2016

Junkie Monkeys: Thanks to the massive amount of support from fans after watching the Deadpool movie trailer, Fox has announced that the film is now back in production and is set to release in 2016. Read on for more Deadpool film details.

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DarkBlood2507d ago

Well its happening finally. Ill be 25 when this is releasing

WizzroSupreme2507d ago

Then you're already old enough for the R-rated Deadpool epic we've been waiting for.

Deadpoolio2506d ago

You can bet your ass it's going to be PG-13 and then they'll expect people to wait for the Blu ray release for the "unrated" version....You watch, studios put profits from little Jimmy over actually pleasing a fan base

WizzroSupreme2507d ago

I hope they do reference the Ryan Reynolds casting and X-Men Origins in the movie as jokes. For that matter, I wonder if they could just have Ryan show up and get killed at the beginning if Deadpool (rightly) stays masked, lol

Porcelain_Chicken2506d ago

Am i the only one that wants this to have zero to do with X-Men Origins, besides Ryan Reynolds of course. THAT Deadpool had f**king arm blades, no mouth, tattoos, and cyclops beams.

I'm crossing my fingers that this is it's own thing. Also please give it an R rating Fox! PLEASE!!!

-Foxtrot2507d ago

Hopefully it's going to have an R rating, don't hold back Fox

Ryan Reynolds better be in this, if not I hope we get Nolan North to do the never see him without his mask off so it's not like people are actually going to know.

colonel1792507d ago

It's a hollywood movie, so of course they are going to take the mask off.

Spider Man spends 90% of the time without the mask, Iron Man, Captain America, Even Batman spends more time as Bruce, etc.

Hollywood will never let the actor not take the spotlight.

It could change, and they could do it. It would be amazing and it could change how superheroes movies are done (R-rated movie AND keeps mask on?) Would be impressive but very, 100000% unlikely.

Porcelain_Chicken2506d ago

Very true, but none of those characters are horribly disfigured lol. So the rules here might be a little different.

calis2506d ago

"Hollywood will never let the actor not take the spotlight."

V for Vendetta left the mask on all movie.

It's just a matter of what perspective they'll take.

Deadpoolio2506d ago

You don't actually read Deadpool do you? Cause ah he has taken the mask off quite a bit, for more than 2 seconds.....

-Foxtrot2506d ago

2 seconds...exactly

Don't do that aswell...accusing someone of not reading/watching something. It's sad.

DillyDilly2506d ago

Deadpool does not look pretty under the mask. So if they changed that then fans will be pissed

Xb1ps42506d ago

Damn 2016?! They had a trailer not that long ago and it looked great, didn't think it was that far off though..

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