5 Villains That Should Never Appear In The Spider-Man Movies

Unleash the Fanboy: "When superhero franchises announce sequels years in advance, fanboys and fangirls will often rush to the myriad of fan forums across the web to extoll the virtues of their favourite or preferred villain (or villains), trying in a vain hope that their choices will somehow make it into the collective consciousness of the film-makers."

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WizzroSupreme2512d ago

I've never really understood Carnage's appeal. Venom is so deeply connected to Spider-man as the physical sin he cast off himself and was absorbed into his own dark mirror in Eddy Brock.

Carnage is just a mindless monster and just worn by some equally mindless serial killer. Little interesting psychology there.

TheHergulaX2511d ago

I think Carnage, like many other less known superhero villains, has a core following that want to see him on the big screen.

Personally, I think that it would be hard to make a good Carnage on film, yet I would buy tickets to the premiere if the next Spidey flick has Carnage in it... that's something I can say.

-Foxtrot2511d ago

Carnage should be kept for an older, wiser Spiderman....something with a much serious dark tone.

I really can not picture Andrew Garfield fighting him....or Venom for that matter.

KingPin2511d ago

how about stop making spiderman movies altogether.
they have made 5 movies and they all sucked. some more than others.

TheHergulaX2511d ago

They are all actually above mediocre, if 5/10 is the medium.

While I agree that some films are a bit overrated and lackluster, the Spidey films are actually quality films, entertaining ones at that.

aDDicteD2511d ago

after sony finishes the third installment of spiderman i dont know if they would conitnue after that or do another reboot again, i think they failed big time with the last spiderman, it was a do or die, the only reason im looking forward for the next installment is how they do the other members of sinister 6, i think rhino is a messed and so was elektro, i like dane dehann's performance as goblin.

if they continue making spiderman movies there is a possibility to include carnage, which is also very popular.but if they reboot again, i do not think we will ever see carnage in the silver screen.

TheHergulaX2511d ago

I agree, I think Amazing Spidey 2 was Ok, it had its moments and was entertaining, but I found myself facepalming more than my face would allow it. I think that the third film will show whether or not the series can even be properly continued.

PS. Good to see that you are alive and well buddy, been awhile. ^^