IGN A Walk Among the Tombstones Review

Adding to Liam Neeson's "badass hunting down bad guys" genre of movies, A Walk Among the Tombstones is about what you'd expect from the Taken star, whose "particular set of skills" may be starting to wear thin. But while Universal's crime thriller is mostly boilerplate stuff, the prospect of Neeson intimidating people for two hours hasn't quite lost its edge yet, especially given Tombstones' disturbing, neo-noir setting.

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WizzroSupreme2511d ago

Would think that opening line would be enough for anyone, lol. Still, might have to check this one out.

TheHergulaX2511d ago

I love the fact that Liam Neeson plays Liam Neeson in every film. This guy gets away with being one and the same in most of his films. Not that I'm complaining, I'm just saying.