Producer Frank Marshall Says The Bourne Franchise Is Now On “Two Tracks”

An interview with the producer of the Bourne films has revealed that the franchise is on two tracks and is set to go off in different directions.

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-Foxtrot2505d ago

Good because Matt Damon is Bourne

I don't see why they used the title of Bourne's next story for Jeremy Renner, they should of called that something else because it wasn't a Bourne story.

Even if you had Jeremy Renner playing another character in a series of spin off films as long as Matt Damon could come back in huge year gaps to continue his films then it would be fine.

In the end Jeremy Renner's character (see so boring can't even remember the characters name) was a story which didn't need to be told, he was basically a junkie in the film with the obsession of the pills.

WizzroSupreme2504d ago

"The Bourne Identity Crisis."