Is the PG-13 Rating Ruining Movies?

The below video takes an in depth look at the MPAA’s PG-13 rating.

From its inception to modern interpretations, the video explores the history of the rating and breaks down why it may be ruining movies. The best part is when they talk about studios tricking audiences with graphic imagery that never ended up in the movie (remember Stay Alive or Cursed?). A lot of people are also unaware that R-rated films aren’t allowed the same kind of advertising freedom as the other ratings, which forces studios to aim for PG-13 in order to get better ad slots.

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RetrospectRealm2514d ago

"This all harks back to Poltergeist‘s PG rating, which is still shocking to me."

PG-13 rating was introduced in 1984 for Temple Of Doom. Poltergeist is from 1982 preceding the invention of it.

riddick332514d ago (Edited 2514d ago )

No it wasn't Temple Of Doom, Red Dawn(1984) was, you were correct about the date tough. I suggest you watch the video is very informative :)

RetrospectRealm2513d ago

I didn't say Temple Of Doom was rated PG-13, I meant because of Temple Of Doom the rating was created. Steven Spielberg said that he was the one who suggested it to the MPAA since a lot of parents were upset with how dark Doom was.

Go check your facts again. Lmao The Temple Of Doom special features are very informative too.

SilentNegotiator2514d ago

Tsk, tsk, tsk..."journalists"

-Foxtrot2514d ago (Edited 2514d ago )

A little...I mean whether you love or hate the films was there any need for Expendables 3 to be a lower age rating.

I'm scared he's going to do this for Rambo V: Last Blood

I think it's worse for horror films to be honest.

riddick332514d ago

I agree i think Horror movies should stay away from PG-13 rating, also action movies that NEED to be R rated (like Rambo). Hope one day this will be fixed down the line and the industry realizes it not always about the money.

TheHergulaX2514d ago

All ratings ruin films inmo... Every film should be rating-free. BUT, I understand why ratings exist.

Lord_Sloth2514d ago

Not really since I don't get off on Gore and Sex in films. Mood is accomplished very easily without these.

TheHergulaX2514d ago

Haha - it's the way that you wrote it that made me want to comment.

God Bless.

SilentNegotiator2514d ago

What of STORY can't be done with a PG-13 rating?

Lord_Sloth2513d ago

The story can be told without an R rating since it's the visuals and dialogue that make it R instead of PG13, not the plot.