Why We'll Be Fine Without Iron Man 4


Robert Downey Jr. says there are currently no plans for another solo Iron Man movie. Here's why we're OK with that.

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TheHergulaX2509d ago

I mean Iron Man ended on a note that needs no more films in the series. YET, I think the best idea would be to make another Iron Man film in like 5 years or so, and have RDJ back as Tony Stark continuing the tale for a single film, or a few.

Excalibur2509d ago

IDK why there are so many articles about this latley, all they are doing is building they hype for when they make the next Iron Man movie.
AND RDJ will do it because no matter what age he likes $$$

Anthotis2509d ago

The last two were atrocious.

aDDicteD2505d ago

i think there will be an ironman 4 in time, but marvel has rich characters that they can concentrate on while RDJ finally agrees making a fourth one, or even if there will be no ironman 4 i think the last film was a good enough closer to the franchise regardless of the mediocre second installment.