12 Must See Movies Of 2015

EasyGuidez: Here we are with the list of 12 Must See Movies Of 2015. There are 12 biggest and most anticipated movies coming out in 2015.

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Physco2512d ago

Fast and furious 7 will be the biggest hit of 2015 just because death of paul walker

RetrospectRealm2511d ago

Lol No Way. Star Wars: Episode VII is virtually impossible to beat.

TheHergulaX2511d ago

Not sure about that... tons of great films will be released in 2015.

NewMonday2511d ago

- Fast & Furious 7
- Avengers 2
- SW7
- JP4
- Batman Superman

n4f2511d ago

no, brick mansion was out.
paul walker played in it and it bombed

alycakes2511d ago

I think it's going to be a close race between Avengers and Star Wars. I'm not a Star Wars fan but I know so many that are but the same people are also Avengers fans so I think it will be close.

aDDicteD2511d ago

where is star wars episode 7 and jurassic world?

RetrospectRealm2511d ago

@cell989 I'm gonna go out on a limb and say Star Wars is more popular than The Avengers. Lol

cell9892511d ago

It is, I just feel the momentum Marvel is caring right now with the success of Winter Soldier and GOTG plus the fact that it releases in summer I see more sold tickets. Starwars has not been on theaters in years, but I could be wrong. Either way Disney is gonna make a lot of money

RetrospectRealm2510d ago

Episode VII is like 30 years in the making though. Lol This is almost as anticipated as the second coming. Haha

Agent_hitman2511d ago

Avengers Age of Ultron for me...

Tango112511d ago

Terminator Genisys and Fast & Furious 7 hot titles...

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