Luke Skywalker’s Whereabouts In Star Wars: Episode VII

This is Infamous

The rumor mill has been working overtime in that galaxy far, far away, as everyone thinks they have some bit of information as to how certain events may go down in STAR WARS: EPISODE VII. Of course it’s incredibly difficult to nail down what is true and what isn’t in this current climate, because there is a lot of unstable information surrounding this production for one reason or another. In shifting from the Michael Arndt draft to the script written by J.J. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan, some plot and characters made the move while others didn’t. As a result, that’s left some people with intel that was correct in the past but isn’t anymore, or with knowledge that is only partially true. Toss into the mix reports I’ve received that there are multiple copies of the script floating around even on-set in an attempt to muddy the waters as to spoilers getting put, and it’s quite the mess the trudge through in trying to locate reliable information.

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WizzroSupreme2513d ago

Bet he's trapped in an Imperial old folks' home glued to a Kryptonite rocking chair. Makes as much sense as everything else reported lately.