Top 8 Bad Guys Gone Good In Movies

Characters who are branded them villains just to prove its wrong. In the movies, character development isn’t limited to its protagonists. Meanies make amends, criminals confess, and even super villains can soften with a change of heart. For this list, we’re looking for those baddies who start out evil as can be, but end up proving that redemption is possible.

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hammad4122510d ago

I'm in love with Mr Gru...He should be at top :D

WizzroSupreme2510d ago

When I clicked on this headline, I hoped I'd see Doc Ock's face on here. I was not disappointed. Arnold makes a better heroic Terminator than a bad one.

aDDicteD2502d ago

my favorite villain turned hero is of couse terminator, as a kid when terminator 2 came out i was surprised he was the good guy, back then there were no internet spoilers, so i was surprised he was a better good guy than a bad guy.