10 Movies That Almost Destroyed The Superhero Genre


Before X-Men revitalised the genre in 2000, it was assumed only the very biggest superheroes could work on the big screen. How silly we used to be; now, with a total box office gross in the tens of billions of dollars, the superhero genre has become the dominant force in modern blockbuster movies. Each year boasts multiple tentpole releases featuring spandexed do-gooders, with the genre showing no signs of slowing; in 2014 alone four of the ten highest grossing films of the year have been based on superhero comics.

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WizzroSupreme2519d ago

Oy, even looking at that Green Lantern image brings a tear to my eye... *sniff* in a bad way. Can't help but think that Nathan Fillion wouldn't have saved the thing, but he would've made it ten times more entertaining.

Ryan Reynolds isn't quite terrible himself, but can't imagine him as Deadpool either.

Porcelain_Chicken2519d ago

Can't blame Ryan Reynolds man. The guy is sick with a disease called Ryan Reynoldsitis. It's when a good or decent actor despite having talent has no leading man pull AT ALL. Real sad :| Josh Brolin and Taylor Kitsch also suffer from this. Adam Sadler sadly doesn't...

Don't confuse this with me defending Green Lantern because i wasn't sadly it was a huge let down! But i wouldn't lob it in with the Superman 4s, Batman and Robins, Howard the ducks or Ghostriders of the world.

Crazay2519d ago


lay off Howard the Duck