Michael Douglas on Bad Guys, Stage Fright, and Ant-Man

Vulture: Michael Douglas was up at the Toronto Film Festival this week touting The Reach, where he stars as an avaricious big-game hunter who commits an accidental murder in the desert, then chases the innocent tracker (Jeremy Irvine) who happens to witness it. Douglas has played a lot of villains over the course of his career, but his Reach baddie is perhaps the most cut-and-dry of any of them, an out-and-out monster who drives an ultra-jacked SUV, barks evil orders into a satellite phone, and screams at our poor hero, "Why don't you just DIE!" What made Douglas go so far to the dark side? He sat down with Vulture a few days ago to explain, as well as to chat about his next project, the Marvel movie Ant-Man.

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WizzroSupreme2510d ago

Love Mr. Douglas being involved with this. Wonder if he will play a villain in this...