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8 Ways Iron Man 4 Could Still Happen


Robert Downey Jr.’s time as Tony Stark/Iron Man is a big, big question mark after The Avengers 3 - expected to be released some time in May 2019. As things stand, that’s as far as the actor’s contract with Marvel Studios extends, and the actor has gone on the record saying that there are currently no plans for an Iron Man 4. But it’s possible that situation won’t be permanent – at least on Marvel’s end.

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WizzroSupreme2512d ago

My money says Marvel does just fork over the cash to RDJ and Ironman 4 happens between the last two Avengers like tradition dictates...or they just let War Machine take over. Those are the two easy choices.

An apprentice? That's NOT Rhodey? Makes little sense to me. A shame that Sony has Spider-man, because I'd love to have Chris Cooper in the suit.