Source Material: Does it Matter or Not?

CBM: As with all adaptations, the question of whether or not source material matters is a big one, hit the jump to find out my answer.

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Crazay2518d ago

yes - otherwise what's the point?

-Foxtrot2518d ago

Yeah it does

The thing is which bugs me with successful shows like Arrow for example is that high ups think they have to change the source material because it won't grasp a big audience if they stick with pleasing just comic book fans HOWEVER I'm pretty sure if you stuck with the source material and the show is good it will still get a massive following anyway. You are basically re-telling the source material on the small screen so people who don't know the source material will be seeing it from the beginning anyway

It's why I don't understand this mindset that source material automatically equals a smaller audience. It's different if they jump right into it and expect people to understand what's going on like comic fans but most shows start from the beginning. Taking Arrow as an example I could of enjoyed that show if they actually made a Green Arrow adaptation, not something like Nolans Batman Begins but with much less source material.

I mean what's wrong with this

Video Games are the worse with source material, every film drifts away from the source material and they are all shit. They've never thought

" about if we stick as close to the source material as possible for once, we've tried one way for too long lets try the other"

04roacht2518d ago

I think it matters however if people want a panel for panel adaptation just read the comic. A lot of comic stories wouldn't work on the big screen technically.