Jessica Chastain: ‘I’d Love To Do A Superhero Movie’

Guardian: This autumn belongs to Jessica Chastain, who stars in four of the season’s Oscar contenders, directed by the likes of Al Pacino, Guillermo Del Toro and Christopher Nolan. But what she really wants is a cape.

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04roacht2518d ago

Well she shouldn't have turned down Ant-Man and Iron Man 3 then haha

Porcelain_Chicken2518d ago

She says she doesn't wanna play a girlfriend or a daughter which was the case in both IM3 and Ant man. She says she wants to be a superhero with a badass costume. Personally I think that's a great idea.

They aren't superheroes but I think she'd be perfect as Poison Ivy or Cheetah in the DC universe. And thinking about it she really would have made a better Black Widow, in my opinion.

aDDicteD2517d ago

she is a very talented actress, getting involve in a superhero movie would further her already established career especially if it works, if the x men gets rebooted she could play jean grey better than famke jassen did.