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What Does The Ending Of Blade Runner Really Mean?

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Any great film overlooked upon release is going to look overwhelmingly popular compared to how Blade Runner was initially recevied. Ridley Scott’s sci-fi noir masterpiece hit in the summer of 1982, mere weeks after Steven Spielberg’s E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial. Going completely against the bright and friendly view of science fiction, the film failed to capture an audience and bemused critics.

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04roacht2513d ago

Ridley Scott confirms that he is a replicant so that is that.

aDDicteD2513d ago

he is a replicant, but if harisson ford and majority of the crew members stated that deckard being a replicant is not a central theme in the story means that the ambigous ending really was meant to be ambigous.

when i first saw the film i did not even saw evidence of him being a replicant except for the unicorn dream.