Robert Downey Jr: No Plans for ‘Iron Man 4′

Variety: Don’t hold your breath, Tony Stark fans.

In a new interview with Variety, Robert Downey Jr. shot down speculation about a fourth “Iron Man” movie.

“There isn’t one in the pipe,” Downey said. “No, there’s no plan for a fourth ‘Iron Man.'”

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-Foxtrot1773d ago

We'll see

I don't want to see Robert Downey Jr go without an actual fight against the real Mandarin and to end it on a high note.

RetrospectRealm1773d ago

Any sort of mention to the Mandarin will just be a cheap way of trying to get forgiveness from fans for the Iron Man 3 fiasco. All Hail The King was bad enough trying to say the real one is still out there.

Just think, if some kid in 20 years wants to watch all the Iron Man films, he'll look at his Dad's DVDs and see that:

1st movie he fights Obidiah Stane.
2nd movie he fights Whiplash.
3rd movie he fights Mandarin.
4th movie he fights... Mandarin again? What?

Porcelain_Chicken1773d ago

Marvel sadly already shot themselves in the foot with that. :l There's no going back. I never thought i'd say this but i agree with -Foxtrot on a matter featuring both comics and casting. RDJ is for all intents and purposes the first and definitive Iron man. Would suck if the definitive Iron man didn't get a shot at fighting a non-joke version of his arch-nemesis. Personally i don't really care for the Iron man character, Tony comes off as a run-of-the mill douchebag, just my opinion. But i can understand what the hardcore fans are feeling on the subject.

As awkwardly campy and silly as Donner's Superman flicks were our definitive Superman fought his arch-nemesis, Lex Luthor. And all the silly camp no longer mattered because seeing them locked in battle was magical. Pun intended. Marvel put themselves between a rock and a hard place with this fiasco and i hope they find a way to fix it. And by "way" i don't mean the real Mandarin walks in says a funny line and all's forgiven. PUT, SOME, FRIGGIN, BRAIN JUICE, INTO, IT, MARVEL!!!

calis1773d ago

"3rd movie he fights Mandarin.
4th movie he fights... Mandarin again? What?"

So what?

If Ledger didn't die, Batman was going to fight the Joker again.

cell9891772d ago

I hate how marvel gave full freedom to Shane Black and bust his stupid "plot twist" I wish a new director would do what Singer did to the xmen franchise, and rid us of Ironman 3 forever. Sadly Ironman does not travel back in time ;(. I still hope Marvel comes out and say "you guest it fans, that was NOT the real Madarin" but its too much wishful thinking. I still have the sour taste of Ben Kinglsey coming out of that restroom after taking a dump and proclaiming his an actor -_______-

Shake_Zula1772d ago

How many more movies does RDJ have in his contract?

Lionsguard1772d ago


It's not as confusing as you make it out to be. It can easily be ret-conned and All Hail The King was a good start. The real problem is in 20 years why the hell does a kid want to watch DVDs? Hell Blu-Rays could be stone age tech in a few years.

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hkgamer1773d ago

im not too sure if he would bother with another iron man yet, maybe after age of ultron or s.ightly before the third movie that they would want to consider one.

iron man 3 kind of closed off the trilogy, i think maybe after the avengers trilogy it would be nice to have 1 more to wrap up iron mans story.

RetrospectRealm1772d ago

@Calis Lol Hell no he wasn't gonna fight Joker again. That's a silly thought. Lolol

calis1772d ago

Yes. He was.

The Joker was to be in the 3rd movie.

RetrospectRealm1772d ago

No he wasn't.

Nolan didn't even originally intend for their to be a sequel to TDK. By the time he got the thought of it, Ledger was dead.

calis1772d ago

And those close to him say he would have used him.

So yes. He was.

big_dom_part_21772d ago

Thank fuck. They're all shit, and Downy Jr disappeared clean up his own rectum after the first film anyway. Wanker.

Soldierone1772d ago

Other than Downey they need an entire new crew if they continue it. Iron Man is my perfect example of how even Marvel screws up the films. People cry about Sony and Fox etc... yet ignore how bad Iron Man 2 was.....

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