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Denzel Washington For Black Panther? Here's What He Told Us

CinemaBlend: Denzel Washington wasn’t aware of Reddit’s AMAs before finally doing one on Friday. "I had never even heard of that thing," he told me, with a laugh, in an interview this morning. And he is learning that when you name drop a Marvel superhero, particularly one that is on the docket to receive a film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Internet is going to sit up and pay attention.

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Deadpool6162518d ago

I can see Denzel Washington as a character in the Black Panther movie. Not as T'Challa, but as a strong supporting character.

ironfist922517d ago

I'd prefer an actual African actor, like Djimon Hounsou. i know he was in Guardians but he was pretty throwaway

And its not white-washing, but it is "American"-washing if you dont have an actual actor from where the character resides from.