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Bill Murray Talks to Movie Mantz - Female ‘Ghostbusters’ Gets Dr. Venkman’s Seal of Approval


Hello Schmoeville!
While there aren’t too many films being released this weekend, at least nothing big enough to get excited for, the week has been celebrated with the 30th year anniversary of Ghostbusters! Who doesn’t love a great comedy with one of the greatest comedians of all time: BILL FREAKIN’ MURRAY (censored for all you kiddies out there, watch Zombieland to know what I’m referring to). Speaking of which, one of Schmoeville’s favorite reporters Scott Mantz, from Access Hollywood as well as one of the newest shows part of the Schmoes Know Network, Profiles, got the chance to sit down with Bill Murray and asked him how he felt about a the recent rumors regarding a female Ghostbusters movie. Murray said:

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