Constantine Casts Jim Corrigan Aka The (Future) Spectre

IGN: Back during July's Television Critics Association Press Tour, Constantine EP Daniel Cerone told IGN that DC Comics character The Spectre might be coming to the show - as a way of further opening up DC's occult universe (and even possibly using the introduction to get The Spectre his own show). But as Cerone noted, this was all part of the early creative discussions about Constantine.

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ironfist922515d ago


If they can get Phantom Stranger, Zatanna, and Dr. Fate, my life will be complete

Porcelain_Chicken2515d ago

^^^^^ this!!!! Holy Cr@p this just made my day! JLD FTW!! @_@

ironfist922515d ago

Oh and dont forget Deadman.

He'd make for some interesting and funny screen time.

Porcelain_Chicken2515d ago

Oh definitely lol. I've always wanted to see Spectre and Dr. Fate in some kind of live-action anything so I'm perfectly contempt with Spectre for now but Deadman and the doc are a must down the line. Phantom Stranger and Zatanna seem doable but I wonder if Frankenstein could work?

ironfist922515d ago

Frankenstein's in DC?

I'd much prefer Solomon Grundy and/or Swamp Thing

Porcelain_Chicken2514d ago

Yeah man, DC has their own Frankenstein. I wonder if that is doable or would it just come off as cheesy. I'd gladly take Grundy or Swamp thing though!!!