10 Planned Comic Book Movie Scenes We’ll Never Get To See

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If there’s one thing you should take away from the film-watching community’s thirst for alternate casting, deleted scenes and rejected concept revelations, it’s that the concept of the multiverse is alive and well around Hollywood. Imagine that world where David Bowie had become the Joker, or the one where Adam West got his frankly ridiculous 1970s Batman script about aliens made… Such are the marvels and grotesque curiosities that are revealed when the layers of pre-production are peeled back.

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-Foxtrot2521d ago

The Juggernaut sequence would of made DOFP way better. The way they shoe horned Quicksilver in was horrible and didn't make sense. I mean it makes more sense for Wolverine to know about Juggernaut then Quicksilver

Quicksilver was shown to be way over powered and for someone like him they would of brought him along. Not to mention it would of show the Juggernauts relationship to Charles, least in the end instead of just letting him go he could of gotten caught by the government which would of explained why he didn't join them.

Shame it was obviously done to counter the Avengers Age of Ultrons announcement of Quicksilver. Who knows maybe this scene would of been shorter with the Juggernaut and Rouges rescue scene would of been included.