Batman v Superman: Jesse Eisenberg Appears To Be Wearing A Wig In New Image


Yesterday, Jesse Eisenberg ("The Social Network") posed with a fan. It appears the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice actor is wearing a wig. Me thinks a bald 'Lex Luthor' he may be.

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Crazay2517d ago

Almost seems like a silly thing to do to himself. We constantly see him walking around the set with a towel on his head then he lets himself get seen by a fan and allows a picture be taken.

For sure that looks like a wig to me though.

aDDicteD2517d ago

the thing that bothers me is he looks young for the role, he looks smart enough but luthor should be a man seen with the intellect and should be physically capable to fight and at least looks matured.

TwistedMetal2516d ago

i agree unless they going for that live free die hard geek nerd computer freak type.

I think lex should be older and mature because those are the type of people who would want to stop superman. the buisness world who are the 1% wouldnt want some superman to mess up there buisness ventures and plans on trying to get as much money as possible for no reason and making there workers work for pennys.