The TIFF Top 10: The Buzziest Movies at This Year’s Filmfest

National Post: "The humidity is too thick for a black turtleneck, but the film community has descended on Toronto like a flock of crows heading to nesting grounds at dusk and their cackling can be heard in every multiplex lobby, coffee bar lineup and multi-stalled bathroom. This chatter is the meat of the business called buzz, and it can light up a marquee, launch a star and resurrect a has-been faster than any megavolt ad-campaign, which is why the buzz surrounding the Toronto International Film Festival isn’t just loose talk – it’s a big, and relatively organic, part of the business that will pave the road to Oscar season. So with an eye on the awards horizon, and an ear to the ground, here are 10 titles that are picking up some audible TIFF buzz."

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