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Norman Reedus Teases Daryl Dixon Losing His Hand In The Walking Dead Season 5

CB: Either Norman Reedus just dropped a major spoiler for The Walking Dead Season 5 or he’s just a big tease. Earlier today, Reedus tweeted out a photo of special effects guru Greg Nicotero attending to his character Daryl Dixon’s hand. Along with the photo, Reedus teased, “I said yes.”

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-Foxtrot2522d ago

I wouldn't count on it, Robert Kirkman said he didn't like the fact he made Rick loose a hand in the comics so I don't see why the show guys would make someone else loose one except for someone expendable, like Merle

ajax172522d ago

Why would he spoil that?! That's not right, man.

TheSaint2522d ago

It happened last week with something a well, spoilers right in the headline.