‘Gotham’ Review: Is Fox’s New Batman Drama the Origin Story We Deserve?


By now, you’ve likely been made aware of ‘Gotham’ and its inherent premise, that of an origin story of sorts for the city itself, as glimpsed through a young James Gordon and early incarnations of Batman’s most notorious villains. Batman himself might never appear until a far-flung future series finale, though we do have a young Bruce Wayne, freshly orphaned in the pilot’s opening minutes. And while ‘Gotham’ undoubtedly looks to capitalize on the potential of universe-building series like ‘Arrow’ or Marvel’s ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ (the series was even formally announced the night of ‘Agents’’s premiere), conceptually the series has more in common with ‘Smallville,’ an origin tale that wove intricate mythology around the early days of a superhero it couldn’t realistically portray on a TV budget.

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