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You probably have never heard of John Alvin, but there’s a 100% chance that you’ve seen his artwork and didn’t even know it was his. Alvin is an artist who made his name creating memorable movie posters for some of the most well known films of all-time. His career started with Blazing Saddles, and after that he became the go-to artist for directors like Steven Spielberg to help promote their films with his fantastic art. He’s worked on Star Wars projects, Star Trek projects, Disney projects, and many other highly visible movie productions that you and your family have more than likely enjoyed many times over.

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HAMM3RofBUDDHA2526d ago

Had no idea Alvin drew so many of these iconic movie posters.

tacotruck2526d ago

Blade Runner is my alltime favorite movie poster.

TenBensons2526d ago

Doesn't help that it's also a stellar film too lol

FrogSpork2526d ago

I wish I could afford this, that said, E.T terrifies me.