What’s Good About Batman Forever?

Unleash the Fanboy: "Of all the movie critics around the world, comic book fans are the worst. We expect so much and tolerate so little. We remember our childhood and our first encounters with the great characters and stories of comic history. And so, like a personal portrait, we scrutinize it and pick it apart for every flaw only to always hate what we see. So, the internet burns with the malcontent of the fans and any movie that does not pass its rigorous tests will forever be scorned and hated."

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RetrospectRealm2522d ago

Lol I used to work at Unleash The Fanboy. Great site.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

The soundtrack is amazing. So there's that. Also that's a picture from Batman and Robin, not Batman Forever.

aDDicteD2520d ago

batman forever is significantly better than batman and robin, however you cannot deny that it is the second weakest batman film to date, the biggest flaw or letdown in this film is tommy lee jones who gave a terrible performance as two face, as if he did not do his homework researching the character.