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Superhero Films Nostalgia: Superman The Movie (1978)

Welcome everyone to the first installment of a new feature here at FilmGamesEtc – Superhero Films Nostalgia– where discussions will focus on why you should watch a particular superhero film. These superhero films are not just limited to those based off of comics, but just about any superhero film will do. So you may see things like Hancock, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, etc. The main focus of this column is to give light and insights on films you may not have watched in a while, or at all. Maybe you have seen the particular film before; Hopefully, Superhero Films Nostalgia will give you reasons enough to revisit it. Discussion of these superhero films will not be done in any particular order, so if you’d like to see a film in this column, post it below in the comments! Let's begin with the granddaddy of all Superhero cinema, Richard Donner's directed Superman: The Movie (1978).

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