Netflix Nabs Rights To New Drama ‘Gotham’ In Precedent-Setting Deal


In what is believed to be the first SVOD deal for a broadcast series made before its premiere, Netflix has reached an agreement with Warner Bros. Worldwide Television Distribution for the upcoming Fox drama series Gotham. Under the pact, Netflix will become the exclusive subscription video on demand home of the Warner Bros. TV-produced Batman prequel in the U.S. as well as in each of the territories in which the streaming network operates and select other territories in which it plans to launch services. Each season of the series will be available to Netflix members following their broadcast run. In the U.S. that is expected to be in September 2015, coinciding with the potential Season 2 premiere. Noone is discussing figures, but I hear the deal is worth about $1.75 million an episode.

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Crazay2526d ago

Crazy. Maybe it's not going to be as bad as my initial impressions from the trailers. I'd like to be able to say I was wrong and that this was a solid/well executed idea.

-Foxtrot2526d ago

In my opinion it's Netflix going after the Batman brand over whether it's good or not.

They should of nabbed Constantine instead...maybe even allowing him to smoke a bloody cigarette on screen. That's the show which probably needed the most support.

Crazay2526d ago

You could be right. I honestly think there's some merit to that view. COnstantine does look amazing but isn't NBC part of Hulu anyway? As for the smoking thing - there's a real push to get rid of that across all facets of media. I personally could care less about seeing him smoke.

MilkMan2526d ago

Pretty sad really. But whatever. I wouldn't put that much faith on TV viewership. This TV show better be bigger than sliced bread.

Software_Lover2526d ago

Thanks Netflix. I cut the cord a few years back and this, other than of course downloading it from the internet, will be my only way to watch it.

Lord_Sloth2526d ago

Would have rather had a bg budget Nightwing series instead of just another cop show.