Why People Need To Stop Complaining About The Fantastic Four Reboot

A look at why people need to stop with complaints towards the Fantastic Four reboot at Fox.

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-Foxtrot2524d ago

"The only reason I’m optimistic is because I think Josh Trank is a fantastic director and the cast they’ve assembled is incredible"

Right I give up after this line

He is a director who's one big thing has been Chronicle...alright film but nothing special.

The cast..."incredible". ..LOL

There is some good actors in there but they've all been miscast.

aDDicteD2522d ago

i do not understand why people get offended with race issues, there is too much overreacting.

as good as micheal b jordan is, in the comics johnny storm is white, a lot of people will complain, yes, especially those who like fantastic four.

if black panther is played by someone like liam hemsworth i would also equally complain because in the comics he is black and i do not want them to change the origin story.

if godzilla came from greece, i would complain because it originally came from asia, just as i complain about the 2 examples i stated above.

if batman is played by someone like javier bardem i would also complain, because eventhough he is white in color, bruce wayne in the comics is not a spaniard.

so race is not the issue in question, it is the fact that certain popular character are already established and cannot change overnight.